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Nigeria vs. Spain 23.06.2013

The live stream contribution to the sporting event Nigeria vs. Spain was released on 25 June, 2013 at 12:27 pm by Live-Streaming-tv.net in the category Football Live Streaming and World Cup 2014 Live Streaming.
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Football Live Streaming
Nigeria vs. Spain (23.06.2013 - 20:00)

Nigeria vs. Spain Live Streaming 23.6.2013
Watch Nigeria vs. Spain Live Streaming 23.06.2013
The final match that is to be contested between members of the group that also includes the Spanish footy squad in the FIFA confederations cup that is currently being held in Brazil and Italy is set and will feature both Spain and Nigeria, back against the wall, in a state where they will have to give it their all. Both of these teams know what is at stake, and what is at stake is the chance to be in the semi finals of the FIFA confederations world cup. It is not too late for both of these teams. However, it is easier for one team, as compare to the other.
When these two competitors meet at the Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza, it is quite possible that only one of these teams will be advancing to the semi-finals. The Spanish team needs a mere one goal in their upcoming match to ensure that they reach the semi-finals, no matter what the outcome of the upcoming match is. In addition, for a team that won a match against Tahiti with 10 goals against Tahiti’s 0, kicking the ball into the goal post one more time shouldn’t be a problem at all. Packed with players like Fernando Torres, David Villa, David Silva and Juan Mata, Spain is set to secure their spot in the semi-finals.
On the other hand, the team that Spain is up against, i.e. Nigeria also has a chance to advance further into the cup’s knockout phase. However, Nigeria needs a huge chain reaction to take place in order for them to get through to the semi-finals, regardless of the shaky run they have had so far in this cup. Nigeria firstly needs a win against Spain, which is indeed a hard feat to accomplish when up against a team that is considered to be the best of the best. Furthermore, Nigeria also needs Uruguay to not beat Tahiti with a large margin. The outcomes of this match may be easy to predict, but there is no doubt that this match will be one of the best contests of this cup so far.

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