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National Hockey League (NHL) is a French ice hockey league consists of 30 clubs (franchised clubs) of which 23 are located in United States while 7 of them are from Canada with its head quarter in New York. It is the major primer league in ice hockey which is equally famous in whole world.NHA (National Hockey Association) was founded in 1909 which was suspended due to its operations and NHL was formed in 1917. When NHL was started it had only four teams and now it has 3o teams which play for one title. Now we have more teams and more fun with excitement, if you like to watch live action then you must follow our live streaming option provided by our network. Surprisingly, you can’t match our services with other due to our high quality coverage that is provided through internet media. If you have full speed internet connection then you would be delivered high definition picture and if you have slow internet connection then quality would be slightly different from HD. So enjoy our online services which are offered free of cost.