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Janowicz – Kubot 03.07.2013

The live stream contribution to the sporting event Janowicz – Kubot was released on 03 July, 2013 at 2:02 pm by Live-Streaming-tv.net in the category Tennis Live Streaming and Wimbledon Live Streaming.
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Tennis Live Streaming
Janowicz – Kubot (03.07.2013 - 16:00)

Janowicz – Kubot Live Streaming 3.7.2013
Watch Janowicz – Kubot Live Streaming 3.7.2013
Another thrilling game between Jerzy Janowicz vs. Lukasz Kubot will played at world famous tennis tournament Wimbledon. This is such a big contest against these two players. Both players have very strong previous records in tennis. Both players will work hard to win the game to qualify for next round. If we compare the abilities and previous records of both players then Jerzy Janowicz is strong candidate to win this match. His previous record is out class in tennis and played excellent game against Melzer J. He won the game by 3-2 score against Melzer J. Its highest world tennis ranking is 22 which is quite good as compared to Lukasz Kubot. On other end Lukasz Kubot is performing excellent throughout the tournament, he has good previous work in the world of tennis. In his last game against Mannarino A. he has performed excellent and won the game by 3-2 score. His highest ranking is 41th in International tennis ranking and currently ranked on 126th position, which is not a good position for mega events. Jerzy Janowicz has never won any big title but on other end Lukasz Kubot has won 8 mega titles in his whole career which is plus point for this game. Both players will work hard and will play his game very carefully to win this game. This is 50/50 contest for both players. Only hard worker has maximum chance to win this game. Ground conditions are suitable for both players. This is good for both players to play their natural game and never take pressure of big game. This is tuff situation for both players to win because this is knockout stage and both players will work very hard to win this game and qualify for Wimbledon semi finals. If we compare the previous records of both players then Jerzy Janowicz is strong contestant to win this game but this is quarter final game and Lukasz Kubot will try maximum to qualify for next round. This is game and anything can happen in the sports.

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