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Live-streaming-tv.net is a live stream portal on the Internet. Livestreaming is a big theme, which will be always popular. For sure we spend more of our time at the PC or tablet and on the others less, because the sports events, that are shown for free on available television are not so much. Hardly a football game or only a few Champions League games can be seen on TV today. Besides football other sports, such as tennis, basketball or ice hockey are either no longer being televised or are offered only via live streaming. The side types of sports for example as Table Tennis, Golf, Darts etc. are also too short on TV (in most cases can be seen only parts from the entire game) even though that there is definitely interest. Therefore, we have made it our task - to collect and organize all live streams that are shared for free and with acceptable quality and to present them to the Internet community. Many websites and TV stations broadcast sports events according their appearances online. We will add all Livestreams that are for free and also those one that required maximum only registration by the provider.

What we offer
We offer a lot of links for Sport Events, which refer to other websites, where you can watch live streams for free and safely. The live stream links will be daily updated by us and their number will continuously increase (or – The live stream links will be continuously updated by us and their number will increase). So shortly before the start of the sport event the live stream links will be added. Some other websites offer also for free of charge live streams, but the spectator is just bombarded with advertisements. He simply closes every pop up and wait until the advertisings disappears into live stream to present the live stream player to full screen. Then none or only a low level of advertisings will be displayed. We recommend the live streams of the bookmakers always as preferable than others. First, the Live streams for betting are with the best quality and they don’t have advertisings. Furthermore, almost every game is supplied with statistics. In addition, no third party safety rights are violated and the comments are often in English or German.

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