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Denmark – Armenia 15.06.2013

The live stream contribution to the sporting event Denmark - Armenia was released on 17 June, 2013 at 12:30 pm by Live-Streaming-tv.net in the category Football Live Streaming and World Cup 2014 Live Streaming.
The links to the live streams are released no later than a hour before the start of the sporting events during the day. Live streams are captured in good quality. We always provide several live stream links available and if the selected stream in the live transmission is not satisfactory, simply choose another one. However, we recommend often the live streams from bookmakers with betting offers, because their broadcast is with the highest quality and do not interrupt.

Football Live Streaming
Denmark - Armenia (15.06.2013 - 19:00)

Denmark – Armenia Live Streaming 15.6.2013
Watch Denmark – Armenia Live Streaming 15.06.2013
Denmark face Armenia in World cup qualifier match
This Tuesday, 11th June we have Denmark and Armenia going head to head as they fight for their world cup qualification. This is one interesting game to watch since the tactics and strategies applied by the two teams are hard to guess. However through prediction, Denmark might emerge as the stronger team since they beat Georgia 2-1 and they had previously drawn to Bulgaria in a 1-1 draw. Statistics show that in the last five games, Denmark has won two, drawn two and lost one; this is a remarkable record.
However for the Armenians, they lost their most recent game to Top Malta in a 0-1 loss, which was preceded by another loss of 0-3 to Czech Republic. In their last five games, they have won one, drawn one and lost three. This proves that the Armenian is up against a huge task in order to beat the Danish team. This seemingly is not the only challenge. Denmark’s team has a home advantage since they are hosting the match. This certainly brings about a winning atmosphere for Denmark since it is not an easy matter for the Armenians to beat them at home. Similarly, with Denmark’s best attackers like Rommedahl and Defenders the like of Cornelius Armenia is up against a most challenging task.
In more previous matches, Denmark has shown superiority by thrashing Armenia in both of their matches which were held back in 1995. Despite Denmark facing some injuries; from defender Simon Kjaer and defensive mid fielder Niki Zimling, they will still be aiming to build on their recent good form.
This match will see Denmark gain three extra points to build up a total of nine which will be equal to the third place, Czech Republic’s total, if they win on the other hand Armenia will gain the three points to have a total of six, similar to Denmark’s, if they win.

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