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Augsburg – Dortmund 10.08.2013

The live stream contribution to the sporting event Augsburg – Dortmund was released on 09 August, 2013 at 12:47 pm by Live-Streaming-tv.net in the category Bundesliga Live Streaming and Football Live Streaming.
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Bundesliga Live Streaming
Augsburg – Dortmund (10.08.2013 - 15:30)

Augsburg – Dortmund Live Streaming 10.8.2013
Watch Augsburg – Dortmund Live Streaming 10.8.2013
Borussia Dortmund led by Jurgen Klopp seem to have an advantage in this match as they are already placed up, second position in the Bundesliga rankings while Augsburg is almost being drawn into relegation. Augsburg has been struggling securing a first win only after a dismal seven matches and their second win coming after a pitiful 18 matches.
Borrusia Dortmund are also likely to lose their two year hold on the Bundesliga title come Saturday when the top-ranking Bayern Munich earn the only single point that is required for them to clinch the title. This however should not discourage Borrusia as they are still to secure a place in the coming year’s tournament before this season is concluded. They also have not let go of their dreams to join the Champions League.
As Jurgen Klopp names the squad to face Augsburg he will have to keep in mind that it would be more or less the same squad that will face Malaga in an upcoming match. This is because the team captain was taken out with a groin injury and hopes are that he may be fit enough to play during the last leg.
However, more Borrusia Dortmund players do not seem to be too fit for the match against Augsburg considering that their left-back will have to play with a broken nose behind a mask. And though Mat Hummels is back in training, it is very unlikely that he would be featured in the squad.
Augsburg is in no better position without their two goalies Simon Jentzsch who had sustained finger injuries and Alex Manninger who has a heel injury. It will be interesting to see how the match will have to turn out with both teams the missing their key players though Borussia is expected to hold much better.

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